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Get to know... Bee Venom Get to know... Bee Venom
07 Nov, 2023

Get to know... Bee Venom

It's the range you want to be stung by. Discover the firming, plumping effect of our groundbreaking Bee Venom range and the story behind it.

Following the success of the Dragon's Blood and Snake ranges, our founder Maria Hatzistefanis wanted to create a groundbreaking range for the advanced signs of ageing that utilised ingredients that were not available on the skincare market at the time. She was inspired by the effects of bee venom – the plumping, swelling action and the rush of blood to the skin's surface – and how a range could manipulate these effects to plump and firm ageing skin and reduce wrinkle depth.


The range is powered by ethically sourced bee venom, which mimics the effect of the bee sting, stimulating blood flow to plump and firm skin, and works synergistically with innovative peptide technology to tighten skin that's lost its elasticity. Other ingredients in the range include vitamin C, which gets to work on brightening tired, dull skin as well as reducing pigmentation in the form of sun spots and dark circles; marine collagen, which plumps skin and encourages further collagen production; and P-Cell, derived from chilli pepper stem cells, which aids in boosting skin elasticity.

By The Rodial Team